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Snap to guide in export module

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Please  it would be very very useful to have better snapping option in export persona and special the snapping should take in consideration the guides place in the photo persona. 


also it would be very useful to have a fonction that would allow to create slice base on layer, but also transform those created slice into slice that would take all layer from top to bottom in consideration. 


exemple if i create my slice from my background layer i would like this slice to be able to export all contend of above and under layer within that slice.


let me know in case i missed those fonction in your existing version. 


Best Regards.


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Hi trksnoos,

To create a slice based on a layer/object go to the Layers panel in Export Persona, select the layer/object you want and click the Create Slice button on the bottom right of the Layers panel. Here's a video tutorial covering this process. To create slices that cover/export everything below them use the Slice Tool (on the toolbar on the left) to create them slice manually. Check this video tutorial for more details.

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