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I have a file I was working on and when Affinity Designer crashed, I restarted my computer and opened the file but it hadn't been saved since I had saved it the first time. I was working on the file for almost an hour so it should have autosaved at some point but it didn't. Am I missing something here? My autosave settings are the default settings. 

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Hi Hokusai,


When this has happened to me there was a dialog box that appeared when i relaunched AD asking if I wanted to open the auto saved file I was working on. I'm assuming you saw no such box?

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That's weird. It should have asked if you wanted to re-open the file you were working on automatically, as @Arctic Gorilla pointed out.

I'm not aware of any other place where Affinity may have saved the file, but i may be wrong here. Hopefully one of the devs will take a look at this thread tomorrow and will give you a definite answer.

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Thanks for looking into it. I thought it was odd as when I restarted Affinity, but I wasn't sure how the autosave feature works (does it overwrite the current file or does it save a separate file someplace else?). It might be related to the crash that I experience while using Affinity (the beta not the app store version). I posted about it in the "Bugs" forum. Let me know if you have any insights. Thanks!

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Hey was it ever answered whether or not autosaves are stored somewhere?


I'd love to be able to access an old autosave since I just had the program freeze up and I had to Force Quit. Then I restarted and thought I had a recent save, told the autosave not to load, and then realized I didn't have a recent save on my drive. Stupid... I know. But, it'd be awesome to find that the program had autosaves logged somewhere that I could still go find. Essentially, go back in time and say, "Yes, please load the autosave."  

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