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How Do I make Designer pressure sensitive with my Wacom?

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Full disclosure, I'm not suuuper experienced with design software, and I don't want to slog through project videos in case they answer this question.  I searched the forums and didn't see anything about erasers, (and the advice for brushes was in a beta topic, and incomplete for a newbie like me.)

While I have a goal of getting friendlier with the vector brushes, I tend to draw on paper with a pencil, then scan images and clean them in Designer (on a Windows 7 PC).  I can't figure out how to make my eraser pressure sensitive with my Wacom intuos tablet. 

Or brushes, for that matter.  I'm pretty sure it can be done, I chose this software over others because I read it would play with my Wacom, but finding the setting has NOT been intuitive.  I'd assumed it would just BE a thing if I was in raster-mode, at least.  Brush settings don't have any sort of sensitivity mapping that I can find.  Do I need to turn it on from the Wacom software first?  Is it buried in an obscure menu item?

*Also, my pen has a weird "eraser" sensor on it's butt that the software doesn't acknowledge.  Not a big bummer, since the thing is too wobbly for detail work, but weird.  Sometimes I just want to flip it and go from drawing to erasing Big Mistakes like I did in Adobe or Manga Studio.  Is there a down-key I can hold to temporarily change the tool from a brush to eraser?

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Hi Shannen,

Welcome to the forums.


Brushes can be set to use pressure, when you have the Brush Tool selected the Context Toolbar will display some options. There's an one for Controller, change this to Pressure, you can also click on the More button. From here you can also change the pressure profile, if you want to.


In the Pixel persona, the brush tool has similar options, theres an extra button on the Context Toolbar to force pressure to control size. If you click on More, you can also adjust the brushes dynamics, which allows different options to be set to use pressure.


If you have the correct drivers installed the eraser on the pen should work and auto switch when you use it and can be set to use pressure.

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in case you're looking for normal Wacom support ... it is not there yet.


You can't use your Wacom like a pen or pencil where continuous brushing builds opacity, although you can increase by pressing harder, but it's very clunky.  I wish there was better support for Wacom, especially in Photo.

Grumpy, but faithful (watch out all you cats)

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