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"Remembering" last used parameters

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While testing Affinity Photo for Windows I noticed several minor but rather annoying things. This is the most obvious:


I'm used to creating rather wild selections and then feathering them. I usually use the same settings repeatedly (it basically depends on the size of the image) but every time I open the Feather dialog the slider is set to 0 and I have to move it again to the previously used value.


I noticed similar thing in Liquify persona (the brush size is always preset to the same value) too and I'm sure there are many other places and settings like this...


It would be really useful if the app could "remember" the last used settings because it's very likely the user will use it again. Presetting it automatically would save the user some unnecessary clicking.

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We are aware of this. We already starting working on sticky settings in v1.5 and should continue improving/expanding them as we move forward.


Thanks MEB! I'll check that again in next update. =)

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Would it be possible to add a "Preset" to every tool option that you can then select to be a default?


GIMP added years back this "Preset" with that function, you get a drop-down list to top and + sign. So you can do the adjustment to tool and click + to add it to preset list and it asks a name for it. But the preset list as well gets added automatically a history of the previously used settings with the date stamps (becomes quickly irrelevant as you have dozens of settings that you don't use anymore). 


The capability to "remember" the last used settings would be in that list too:


  •  Custom (to be recalled)
  •  3 last used settings as "history"
  •  custom presets (created)
  •  Affinity Default (to be recalled)


So if you want that tool will reset, then select there "Affinity Default" and it is like today without memory.

If you want to have specific custom setting every time, select the "Custom" so it will be recalled every time what you had stored to it.

You can easily select then from short history the last 3 settings (different from "Custom") that you adjusted away from any recalled setting.

And then list of your added custom ones with names.

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