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Printing transparent object problem

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I have problem with correct printing with transparent elements.

On a page are embedded pdf logo and few embedded psd with transparency and shadow fx.


Printing on PS color laser printer without "Clip Transparency" I got a rectangle (lighter/darker) around each object and no shadow effect!

Sample attached - print1.png = pdf logo


Then print with selected "Clip Transparency". Is better. Although still poorly you will see a rectangle around the object and no shadow effect!

Sample attached - print2.png, print3.png and corresponding - screenshot.png


I find that the best way is to export to pdf and print pdf, however can I print without boxes around objects and with visible shadow effect?


WIN 10





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Hi Poziomka,


On the Print Window under Rasterization, you can enable Rasterize entire page and this should allow you to print direct from Affinity without having to export to PDF first. I only get line around one of the objects at the bottom (Left) and if this is Rasterized, it also resolves the issue. The logo for some reason has a green global colour assigned to it, not sure why, but removing that makes no difference. Also editing the document and setting the document background to transparent also has no effect, but rasterizing should.


I'm going to continue to look at the file as something is causing the issue, in the meantime you can continue to export to PDF. I've tested it and everything looks as it should when exported.

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