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Is it possible to export selected layers into 1 pdf file, but leave other layers unexported?


I have a file with 5 layers/pages, I have created export slice with 2 layers (in export persona) by using slice tool and dragging around 2 layers/pages, (other layers/slices are unselected from export).


- when I export to jpg - I get a picture with my 2 selected layers.

- when I export to pdf - I get a file with ALL my layers/pages 



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  • Staff

Hi Rita,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

It should export the PDF with the contents of the two artboards covered by the slice. Are you using the Mac or Windows version?

Can you please upload your file using this link so i can take a look please? Don't forget to add you forum's username (@Rita) to the file name so i an identify it.


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I also tried to:

uncheck "visible in export" at export person for artboards I do not want to export,

then seecting my 2 artboards at Draw persona -> File -> Export to pdf -> Selection with background + Dont export layers hidden by export persona checked

it exports ALL artboards to pdf.

In this case jpg, png also exports only 2 selected



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I was also struggling with this and I found the way after reading one of Rita's last messages up there.

To export only some artboards into a single pdf file (in Mac):

  • In the Designer Persona, using the Move Tool and holding the Cmd key, select the artboards you want to export from the Layers Studio.
  • Go to the File menu and select Export and then PDF.
  • Select your Preset:.
  • Open the Area: dropdown menu and select  Selection with background or Selection without background, whatever option you need.
  • Click Export.

You should get a PDF with only the artboards you selected.

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