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AP + Nik Collection : Macros that reproduce Selective Tool plugin

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As I explain it in my previous post (MacOS + AP + Nik Collection FULL FONCTIONALS ...), Selective Tool plugin can't work in Affinity Photo because it open a scripts panel in Photoshop ; but most of then can be reproduce with simple macros in Affinity Photo ... So I did it !

1- At first, you have to install Nik Collection plugins for Affinity Photo, some YouTube videos explain clearly how to do it.
2- You have to correct *.config files has I explain here.
3- Install "NIK Collection Selective Tool.afmacros"

How it work ?
Generaly, the "real" Selectiv Tool copye and merges all the layers, then it creates a full mask (black) befor calling the plugin you select with it. When you've finished to work in the plugin's panel, you go back in the editing software and you just have to erase parts of the mask with a white brush to reveale the effect ...
NIK Collection Selective Tool.afmacros works exactly the same way.

Note : you don't have to use Selective Tool to work with Nik Collection plugins ; this tool is just a "plus".

Enjoy it !

NIK Collection Selective Tool macros for Affinity Photo.zip

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I don't know if you have the same trouble, but after I've created this library (but it's true for an other), the batch processing function crash AP each time I want to use it and all my macros libraries (and the default library too) with no possibility to reinstall it.


The bug have been reported here >> https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/33703-batch-processing-always-crash-the-app/

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