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How to setup snapping to work without decimal number (Like Export Persona)?

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I try to setup my AD to be forced integer position (just like the Slice in Export Persona) but when I drag around, I will get x.5 x.3 and etc..


Please help me.



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Hi predick,

I can only reproduce this when you are trying to align an object to the centre of another with an odd width. In this case Affinity cannot pick an integer value for obvious reasons. Other than this it seems to be working as intended. Moving the green object freely on the page only picks integer values for me.


How do you have placed the green object (Y coordinate) in that place? Where you aligning it with something else? Do you have Snap to grid enabled in the Snapping Manager and are using a grid that allows half-pixel positions?

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Yes, Snap to grid have enabled like my screenshot and it happen both if I check and uncheck 'Move by whole pixel'.

I have just drag the green normally to place it in that place. Please try drag it again obliquely to test it.

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