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First, I'm used to Photoshop & am pretty new to Affinity. I've had it for just a few days now.


I'm trying to get text to curve and I'm really having trouble. It seems each tutorial I've watched says to create a shape then click the Text tool & simply hover by the outside of the shape for the squiggly line to show up long side the "A" where the curser is. The problem is that I cannot get that to happen. Just normal, straight text. I cannot get the text on a path. Somebody please help me before I lose my mind.

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Hey adamburmeister, welcome to the Affinity Forums. 

I assume you have purchased Affinity Photo seeing as you have come from Photoshop? Text on a path is only available in Affinity Designer and as far as I know will not be available in Affinity Photo. 

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