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Lusco Fusco

Layers panel icons and more

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Hi folks. I have been working with the beta for windows, and once it has gone on sale I bought it. Just a couple of things:


In the layers panel there are a couple of icons that would be very useful, to solve with a click actions that are frequently used:


- Duplicate layer.
- Combine selected layers.
On the other hand, some sliders, especially the exposure adjustment, and others, have a very abrupt increase in values in response to the mouse, its difficult to make small value changes with the mouse. And the response to the sliders is not homogeneous between different settings, nor between different modes of development (for example in Lightroom this answer is similar in all settings) I do not know if there is a way to adjust this as a user, otherwise you should throw it a look.
Greetings, and keep up the great work!

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Duplicating layers is really quick by pressing Cmd+J (Mac) / Ctrl+J (Windows), Merge Down / Merge Layers is Cmd+E (Mac) / Ctrl+E (Windows), same as in Photoshop.


It's much faster to use the keyboard shortcuts than to move the mouse to the Layers panel, target a tiny button, then move the mouse back, so I guess that very few of the people who would be considered the target audience of such a workflow speed increase would actually ever click those buttons. Most professional graphics programs are really designed for two-handed operation with one hand on the keyboard and one on the tablet or mouse.

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Maybe for a dessigner, but if you´re just editing photography can´t imagine how can you beat a single mouse click for an action (merge selection f.e.) that involves three keys (ctrl+↑+E)

Besides,  at the base of the panel there is free space for a few more icons, the fact that they exist does not prevent you from using shortcuts if you prefer...

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