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  1. After the last update, Affinity is having troubles to correctly rendering panoramas. Attached sample image. Image Composite Editor stitches this same serie of images seamlessly.
  2. 🤔 At least in my software version there is no box to align images in the focus stacking function.
  3. Thank you, I had overlooked this. This fixes the theme for simple stacking. Not so for focus stacking. I have a series of macro images of dew drops on blades of grass, in which they are slightly moved from each other by the wind. This makes the result not ideal. If I stack them, with automatic alignment, ungroup and export them (one by one), and upload them to focus stacking, the result improves. So I was wondering if i could send them directly, after ungrouping and cropping,to focus stacking without exporting them. Or, failing that, how to export all layers at once, so that each layer, now aligned and cropped, would give rise to a separate tif file.
  4. Hi there. Is it possible to send from a document a number of layers you are working with directly to stack, (or focus stacking, or Pano, or hdr ...) without having to export them first and then create a stack? Thanks.
  5. My copy has not crashed yet, but although just after the update it seemed faster, now it is slow in some operations (load images for stacking, for example), and show certain lagg when moving layers to adjust them ... Operating in Windows desktop.
  6. Hi. The linear gradient always comes out by default with one white end and the other neutral gray. 99% of the time I use a white end and it's another black one. Does anyone know any way to save this gradient as default? Thank you very much and greetings.
  7. Gonna check the drivers to see if I have the last update installed. I really appreciate your help!
  8. Aha! I changed the Renderer to WARP and the problem has disappeared! By hardware do you mean the graphics card? It's a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 645 (the renderer was previously set by defect to it). Thank you very much!
  9. Hi Sean, sure, its done. In fact the problem appears with any group of images that I try to stack. Thank you.
  10. When I do a stack of images (usually in Tif format), the final image has a lot of white dots. Although they disappear when flattening the document, they are very uncomfortable in the preview, to decide whether to use media, median, medium interval. .. I do not know if someone else has reported this problem, and if it has any cause and solution that escapes me ... Thank you!
  11. Thank you! This clarifies the matter, as one could not expect less from the wisdom of a Toltec ... Now I just have to move my assemblage point to a position that allows me to find a method to use these luminosity masks.
  12. Thank you alfred, but hardness is not the problem, attached a screenshot with hatrdness at 100%, same effect... Also, how could i see if a luminosity based selection is feathered, and if so, avoid it? Thanks again
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