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Flatten Pro and Multifill Plugins

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dfordesignmeister here,


How is that plugin any different from creating separate layers for the brushwork / colour fills, on layers underneath the linework?

I'm obviously missing something here???



High-End Photographic Prints



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Patrick - Yes, Affinity Photo - I should have mentioned.


DesignMeister - Combined, the two plugins detect every shape indicated in 2-bit line art (a black and white comic page, for instance), assign a unique color to each (for easy aliased fills and selection), and create a new layer beneath the line art on which the shapes all meet with each other. This flatting process greatly improves the quality of offset printing and saves loads of time.


I know plenty of people in the comics industry would love to move away from Photoshop, and support for these plugins would make it way easier.

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