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Since 1997 I’m a professional user of Adobe’s software, mainly Illustrator and Photoshop and since 1999 also of InDesign.


At our company I’ve decided to stick with Adobe CS4 and some recent version of a GMG PDF Color and Proof Server because those will do what is needed for professional printing, later a Prinergy RIP will do what is necessary for CTP plates. End of workflow. Keep it simple, it’s all about some odd color separations.


TBH, for private use at home Gimp, Raw Therapee, Inkscape and Scribus will do the job.


And here we are, at the edge of the huge gap between Adobe and Open Source, but what puzzles me is what will be your future agenda, as you are directly adressing professional businesses on your web page (https://affinity.serif.com/business/).


After playing with the Betas for a while I bought the Designer release last week to support the development and I will do so with Photo and with Publisher, of course.


The price, let’s say, is more than competitive ;-), even the full price later on will be.


I’ve watched most of the tutorial videos and read a lot in the forums. I could have written some threads myself but searching the forums showed that others already discussed these and similar topics:


A lot of feature requests (some already from 2015) for professional pre-press, ranging from 1bit-images to basic trapping (yes, that is necessary from time to time), layered TIFF, channel view for Photo, separation view for Designer, selection of objects by attributes (productivity, cleaning a messy CAD file will be a nightmare without), different overprint/knockout options for stroke and/or fill of the same object (solved but not convenient for everyday use) and overprint view, to name just a few.


For overprint and separation view - it was mentioned somewhere in a thread - we could use Acrobat.


No, we don’t want to do that anymore because we are really willing to wipe Adobe from our hard drives completely and forever if somebody offers a serious alternative.


Will that be you?


On the German web page for professional businesses it reads: unbelievable performance, precision and professional tools …


We’ll see what is coming.


I know that Adobe has a very long history in development and a lot of manpower was used. What you’ve started is already astonishingly good and it really deserves time to grow and to get ready for the market, but think twice about which market that can be.


From my personal point of view, there is no need for filling the gap because of two (2!) simple facts.

  • Professionals will never migrate from Adobe to Affinity unless they get at least comparable professional tools

  • Open source users will never pay a cent for Affinity because the Gimps and the like provides it for free

Target the professionals (pre-press and raw development), you will get monstrous rich and all of us will be happy at the end.


BTW, in addition to my personal licenses for home use we will support you next year with some business licenses, just for “keeping an eye on you” ;-)


Keep up the good work!


All the best,


Stefan Bader

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Well, it was likely me that keeps on recommending Acrobat. At least one can still purchase a perpetual license for it.


As far as I know, only one other product can manage the color aspects of Acrobat and that is Callas PDF Toolbox.




And hey, it's on sale for the next couple days for half off. They are also the people that make Acrobat what it is. All the preflight and color conversion, overprint preview, etc are made by Callas.

My computer is a nothing-special Toshiba laptop with unremarkable specs running Windows 10 64-bit.

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