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Perspective & Mesh Warp

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Yes, it also works for me with some images as well, but as you can see in the video, it's not working in that instance.


I suppose the question then is this:


What is it that I did to that layer which made it not work?


All I did was 'place' the poster image into the frame image (which created a new layer for the poster), and then resized the poster to make it smaller (to fit into the frame area).


It's after the poster image was resized down that I attempted to apply the perspective tool to it . . . and you can see the result.


Apparently something happened while resizing the layer that triggered a setting which turned off the perspective tool?


I don't rightly know.


Suffice to say it never worked regardless of how many times I tried (yes, restarted the program and all that) . . . so it was GIMP to the rescue.

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The thing that you didn't and you didn't get any hints from AP, makes me think you might have turned some preferences off from the Assistant.

In my case, it rasterized the layer automatically for me.

You might want to check that out as well.




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