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Before critsism ... i did now few smaller projects with AffinityDesigner - and i am still happy - thanks!


I work more on „scientific/technical“ things, rather than painting projects. So, may be, i have a little different point of view. Most of the things i missed in the beginning i almost found.

What is left?

-shift duplicates please

if i produce some dublicates, i don't see, that ther is on ore 2 ...ore12 - if the dublicates would be placed close beneath teh origin, it is easier to handle ...

- no 4-key shortcuts, (I almost realized, it is easy to change.)

just a suggestion from a usability freak

- if possible: a great deal would be to import Corel Draw files. I dont know, where the users com from, but i know a lot of people, who work with CorelDraw. I have thousands of plans, diagrams, mindmaps and so on . If could open them .... from specially interest, because old CD versions (14 and younger) do not work with Win10! So there is a graet chance in winning these users, who are unlikely to pay the Corel fees ...

I hope thei helps for proceeding in this great project!

Sincerly, Kai Paul

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Here is what I have discovered for ai and Coreldraw


Vector Import by Cut & Paste Method

1. AD to CorelDraw: does not work converts to bitmap

2. CorelDraw to AD: Works but solid color only

3. AD to CS6: Does not work converts to bitmap

4. CS6 to AD: works solids and linear gradients (cool)

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Export as vector: EPS,



1. conical gradient change to solid color very odd, but can be edited back

2. linear gradient remained in tact and editable

3. text auto converted to outline and each letter was separated, odd again


1. conical gradient change to solid color very odd, but expected since ai does not have this ability, but could be edited

2. linear gradient changed to bitmap: not good

3. text auto converted to outline and each letter was separated, odd again

see other post regarding cut and paste

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