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Panorama - Incorrect Masking/Rendering

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Attempting to make a vertical stitch with two images - top (sky), bottom (landscape). 


Description of Actions

  • I am able to engage the [File][New Panorama] just fine, specify the two files, and stitching occurs
  • I then enable the "Add to source image mask tool", which enables just fine
  • Using the "Add to source image mask tool", I only paint in the landscape that I desire - essentially along the horizon from side to side.
  • Using a smaller brush width, I carefully track the threshold between the land and sky.
  • Render - resulting in the results indicated within the attached files.


Problem - The rendered results shows a substantial area above the sky/land threshold - painted in.  Returning and trying to fix this by painting in the sky just makes things worse.


Additional Suggestions

  • In addition to the "Add to source image mask tool", having the ability to select an area (dotted lines) would be another handy tool to provide within this Panorama capability
  • Currently the only apparent source of imagery for stitching is from disk.  Having a way to include images currently in processing would certainly help





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Hi io-io,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Can you please provide the two original images (zipped) used to create the panorama so we can try replicate the issue here?

You can use this link to upload them. Don't forget to add your forum username to the zip's file name.


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If I understand what you are doing the Panorama Persona is the wrong way to do this. You would be better adding each image as normal layers and masking the sky like in this video


I assume you want the sharp sky and well exposed foreground. 

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