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Affinity Photo simply not responding after crash

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Hello all,


my app crashed fo an unknown reason and and since then I have not been able to re-open it any more.

I have tried to uninstall it and reinstall again several times. I have tried to delete all related AP files. Without success.

Each time I try to open the app, I need to force quit, otherwise it eats up all my ressources on my MAC


Someone any idea what is wrong and how to solve the issue?


Many thanks






macOS Sierra

Processor: 3,3 GHz Intel Core i5

Memory: 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3



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Hi Smoere, 


please could you hold down the CTRL key while opening the program until a reset menu appears. If you click Select All and then Clear the program will reset to defaults which may hopefully solve your issue :)





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