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Printing Art Board Problems - is this a bug? Or User Error?

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Hello - I need some help

I attached some photo's to better explain the problem I am having.


I am printing a Art Board with my finished work - it looks just fine on screen - but when I print it, the finished result is very different.

One problem is text is much larger then what is seen on Art Board.

The Text has a Bevel/Emboss Effect, but when printed it's all strange and cut off.

Under the text is a shadow which was done by copy/paste/flip and then converted into curves to align, grouped and then given a Linear Gradient Fill.

The image of the car was given the same Bevel/Emboss Effect and the shadow is the same as the Text.


I've never had a problem when I print - this is the first time since the latest update.

Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Mariosaverino,


Welcome to the forums.


Can you try attaching your images again so we can take a look at your issue, also which version of Designer are you using? (Program menu > Help)





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