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New nested layer? Or a "move to" layer ability?

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Is there currently a way to select a bunch of layers/objects and collect them all into a new layer with all of those selected layers/objects nested inside or underneath the new layer?


I very often find that I want to organize projects as they get unwieldily and if I could select a bunch of layers, right click or hit a button/menu that could move all of those selections into a new folder for easy naming that would be so handy.


Does this ability exist now and I haven't found it?



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  • Staff

Hi retrograde,

No, it doesn't exist yet. What do you think about selecting the layers and pressing the New layer button in the Layers panel to add them to the newly created layer? If there's no layer selected then a new empty layer will be created instead.

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Hi MEB, thanks, yes I did that and it does create a new layer but to take it further what if AD see's that you have one or more layers selected and offers an additional option in the right click menu to create the new layer and move (new layer and move) the selected layers into it with the layer name highlighted ready for a new name?


It's these kinds of workflow tweaks that will win over users, I think.


Smart, anticipated features. :)  

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