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Batch job (maximum) sizes

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Initially I expected the input fields for the width and height in the New Batch Job window were for specifying the maximal width and height an image could be (not unlike Photoshop's Image Processor). With that thought, I added a few images with portrait and landscape orientation in the batch and specified 1024 in both the width and height fields. I expected that the landscape images wouldn't exceed a width of 1024 px and the portrait ones wouldn't exceed an height of 1024, all while retaining their original aspect ratio.


I just found out it doesn't work like that, and the image will be forced in the specified sizes by stretching their original ratios (a square in my case). Is this by design? I can't think of many uses for this and in that case, I hope you can add a maximum-option to the New Batch Job window in order to add the functionality I described above.


I'm looking forwards to hearing your thoughts!


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