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  1. Hi Phily, I had the same problem and I solved it by turning off parallel processing. I'm curious to see if that also works for you!
  2. Hello, Would it be possible to add the option for a keyboard shortcut to toggle the brush stabiliser on and off? Thanks for your consideration!
  3. As this wasn't changed in the final version of 1.6, I'm curious to hear what the UI team / @steve_m has to say about the subject. Thanks! Bauke
  4. Hello, Since the new version (1.6) the second axis of the grid in Designer is glitching when I'm zooming or panning. I have attached a video of the problem. floatinggrid.mov
  5. Hi Chris, Thank you for your reply! Your proposal articulates exactly what I had in mind. Speaking of the font dropdown, I also started an unanswered topic about that (see below). Thanks! Bauke
  6. It would be great to hear the opinion of the developers on this topic.
  7. Nice find! That would be a great improvement for the constraints feature.
  8. Hi Toltec, Do you mean the perspective tool? In that case yes, I could rasterize it and use the non-live perspective tool to get the final result. No it doesn't matter so much, but it would remove an extra step from the workflow and allow for live viewing the final result while designing the embedded document. As I'm always on the lookout to improve and speed up workflows, I'm just curious what prevents dual panes from the live-version of the same tool. In the meantime, I'll try to wrap the rasterizing and and appliance of the non-live perspective tool in a macro so that it would still be a single action to perform. Best, Bauke
  9. Hi Callum, Thanks for your quick response. Let's hope they can enable it! Should the developers decide to remove it, please let me know what prevents it from working in the live filter. It has great potential for live wrapping a book cover design (in Affinity Designer) around a 3d book mock-up (in Affinity Photo), which I now have to do in two steps (front and spine separately). Best, Bauke
  10. Hello, When I add a live perspective filter to an embedded document in Affinity Photo, I can't select dual plane. Am I doing something wrong or is there a good reason for this? Thanks in advance! Bauke
  11. Hi Dave, Thanks for the answer! I see now that RGB images are being kept RGB while vectors are converted indeed. It seems my tests were poorly made; I only used vectors. Is the converting of vector colours a technical limitation of your pdf implementation or a deliberate choice? Best, Bauke
  12. Hi Pruus, I agree about X-1a, but I beg to differ about the others. As I understand it, not only do PDF/X-3 and 4 fully support RGB [1], it's actually contemporary best practice to keep pixel images in RGB until the last step in the process (which would be the RIP of the printer) [2]. Best, Bauke [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDF/X#List_of_the_PDF.2FX_standards [2] https://indesignsecrets.com/import-rgb-images-indesign-convert-cmyk-export.php
  13. Hello, I'm very glad that we now have a glyphs browser, but I personally feel that its looks can be improved. Virtually all typefaces are made primarily for use on a light background, and to correctly evaluate a glyph I think the glyph browser should reflect this by having a white background with black glyphs. Right now the dark UI theme shows light glyphs on a dark background and the light UI theme shows grey type on a light background (which is better but lacks contrast). The font dropdown however does have black type on a white background in both themes, which I think is a good choice. Looking forward to your thoughts! Best, Bauke
  14. Hello, A functionality like InDesign's quick apply or Slack's channel switcher would be a great addition. Some things I imagine it could incorporate: swap between persona's access menu-items insert named assets and symbols apply object-, text- and paragraph-styles apply macro's apply layer effects select layers by typing its name jump to an artboard by typing its name apply a swatch by typing its name I'm looking forward to your feedback! Best regards, Bauke
  15. Hello, When I create a RGB document in Designer and export it using one of the following presets, it always gets converted to CMYK, even when explicitly setting its colour space to RGB. PDF/X-1a PDF/X-3 PDF/X-4 The PDF settings that kept the RGB profile (regardless of explicitly setting the colour space to RGB) were: PDF (for export) PDF (for web) PDF (for print) PDF (flatten) Is this a known bug? I could recreate in both AD and AP in 1.5 and 1.6 beta 1. Thanks in advance! Bauke
  16. Hello, As part of an ongoing research to baseline grid composition, my colleague and I recently made Fitbaseline, a calculator that distributes the baseline grid over the document height. This is especially convenient when designing a document with fixed sizes (for example in print) in which you want to evenly distribute the baseline grid. Although we developed a version that applies the calculation automatically for Adobe InDesign, the online calculator is application agnostic so it can be used with Affinity too. However, it would be great to see this concept implemented in Affinity applications such as the upcoming Publisher. I'll make a feature request for this soon. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Bauke
  17. I expect Sketch import wouldn't be too much of a problem since they opened up their file format into JSON recently. I sincerely hope Affinity is considering opening their file format too, since it unlocks so many possibilities (automation, integration with other applications etc.) Info about the new Sketch file format: https://medium.com/sketch-app-sources/sketch-43-is-coming-to-town-with-a-new-game-an-open-file-format-ae62e7e7c223.
  18. Hi Reglico, Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the snapping of curve control handles cannot be enabled using the snapping manager. I agree with Mattyd that feature would be a most welcome addition.
  19. This would be a very welcome improvement indeed!
  20. That would be a nice addition! Combine it with document-persistent nudge settings and the need to change the settings every now and then would be largely diminished.
  21. The files are converted in Adobe Photoshop from RGB to CMYK with a FOGRA39-V2 U310 K100 G70S10.icc profile. I also have some photographic (non-render) images that have the same problem, but some others do open in Affinity while having the same specs (8-bit tiff with same colour profile). For that reason I think neither the colour profile nor the fact that some are rendered in a 3d modeling software can be considered the instigator. In theory, I can open and edit them all using Adobe Photoshop, but for the sake of improving Affinity I reported this issue and would love to help solving it.
  22. Hi HVDB, Thanks for your reply, but I'm aware of saving as a native Affinity file. I'm asking for the inclusion of native files in the export-persona in order to incorporate it in my export-workflow.
  23. The tiff's are 8 bit (at least according to Adobe Bridge).
  24. I miss the option to export to a native Affinity file in the export persona. I'm aware that I can just save the file as .afphoto or .afdesign, but sometimes my workflow consists of exporting a folder with several files (i.e. svg, jpg in different sizes) in order to make a 'package' of all the output and sources of a project. Having the a copy of the source-file in this package too would be a time-saver, because at this moment I need to move the source file into the package by hand. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
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