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Matej Junk

Is there a way to export only selected artboards in one pdf document?

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Hi Matej,

As far as i know there's no way to select specific artboards to be exported in a single PDF document.


It is indeed possible :lol:. I'm not sure if this was added in the mean time, because I haven't noticed someone mentioning it, 

but you can export specific artboards in a single pdf document and it is actually pretty trivial:


Just select the artboards you want to export in layers panel or by shift+clicking the the artboard titles in the canvas and go to Export to pdf > Area:Selection without background > Export


and you will get a multipage pdf of just the selected artboards


I wish I had known this sooner, so I'm posting this for those who were, like me, missing this "hidden" feature. :) 





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this featured should be added also for the other formats like Jpg, png.

I'm always in the need of exporting artboards as pages/single files, and it would be the quickest way to do it, rather than using export persona.

There should be an option in the layer panel to select a group of layers, export as:




Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 12.44.41.png

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