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  1. I have Version 1.6.1. Do you have the option enabled by default when you create a new doc? They said "If you enable Force Pixel Alignment in the Snapping Manager from the beginning it will ensure that all objects - artboards included - will be aligned to the pixel grid" So EVERY doc you create you should enable it. :-( Besides i discovered that if you duplicate Cmd-D the artboard, it keeps the pixel integer but if you ALT-Drag the artboard it looses the force alignment.
  2. Hi, is there a way to set the option "Force Pixel Alignment in the Snapping Manager " as default? It seems it keeps that option off every doc you create. It should be the opposite, force by default and in case of need you set the option to off. Thanks
  3. HI, this featured should be added also for the other formats like Jpg, png. I'm always in the need of exporting artboards as pages/single files, and it would be the quickest way to do it, rather than using export persona. There should be an option in the layer panel to select a group of layers, export as: Alberto
  4. Thanks. I thought it was something related to the nodes or unclosed path in the artwork. I tried with svg and it works. I will avoid using Eps. Alberto
  5. Hi, i exported an EPS file and it breaks the path strangely. Attached the original file and the exported eps version. Anyone experienced the same? Thanks Alberto ExportEps.afdesign ExportEps.eps
  6. Thanks! Got it. Sorry for the inconvenience. I probably set it thinking it was leading option (similar icon in fireworks) and then i found line spacing. Still exploring the features while working, not much time to concentrate and study :-) Alberto
  7. Hi Hi Meb, did you see my attached file? it looks like a corrupted text field, once is corrupted (dont know how it happened) it's not working anymore. If i create a new text field pasting from a website or text editor it works. A Thanks Alberto
  8. Affinity 1.5.4 on OsX El Capitan 10.11.6 I now tried on a new file and it works, but pasting the text from the file i'm using on the new file it doesn't. In attach the file with the text field, on page 1 it doesn't work on page 2 pasted from notepad works. Don't know it you will get the same error. Alberto linespacing.afdesign
  9. Hi, when pasting text copied from a txt or other sources in a text frame it simply doesn't work. If i use the artistic text tool (T) and paste a text directly it works, but the text needs to be wrapped manually adding paragraph. Sounds strange :-( Thanks A
  10. HI, i've noticed that pasting an object/image inside a shape doesn't let me modify the shape, you can only move the object inside. if you try to modify the shape it distorts the img/object inside, or you have to convert it to curves and you can only select the corners and move them. Only the mask can be modified by dragging the shape like. why? it's much easier the paste inside command shorcut rather than dragging the shape near the image on a layer! :-) Thanks Great software by the way, (I'm switching from fireworks! Damn, Adobe) Alberto
  11. Thanks! It would be a good option. Especially when you have lots of canvas near each other and objects going out of them. Alberto
  12. Hi, is there a way to select all object only on selected canvas? It selects all the objects of all artboards (quite useless). I know i can select only the artboard passing the mouse around the artboard, but the select all should be more precise, (if selected only the artboard objects). A
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