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Would it be at all possible to add in social networking sites in page setup/document setup drop-down menus? As designers, we often work in those mediums and I find myself constantly entering in those dimensions. I think it would be a nice little nod to separate Affinity from the rest of the pack on the desktop design software programs.

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Social networking sites? I don’t see any way to reliably determine the “dimensions” of a website, not to mention the fact that there are thousands of social networking sites in the world and it’s not even remotely feasible to think about which ones to “support”. A website is not a thing with static fixed dimensions as a piece of paper or a computer monitor (while even in the latter, physical dimensions don’t necessarily resemble actual display resolutions/pixel density anymore). What if the social networking site you so often work with decides to change their overall design/layout? Should Serif/Affinity change the dropdown list every time something changes in any website?


The best approach would be to have the option for users to save custom page presets (and then be able to change them should the need arise) but apparently this is something that will be implemented some time in future.

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What I am talking about are those standard graphic dimensions for headers on popular sites. There is no way I would suggest all of them being implemented. That would be absurd. Dimensions for commonly utilized sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc. As far as websites changing their predominate feature standard sizes, I think that happens in far smaller quantities than we image. ;-)


If there was a way to save our own and catalog those then I would be equally as enthralled. Any way to make life easier than just galavanting online every time I am in need of them to find those standards would be a welcomed changed.

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