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SVG Relative Coordinates not quite relative

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When exporting to SVG, even if Use relative coordinates is selected, absolute coordinates are still used to move to the next point within the same path element. I’m not talking about the first move within a path, which, unfortunately, has to be absolute because of the way SVG works, but about any subsequent moves within the same path.


For example, take this snippet of SVG code produced by Affinity:


...c0.2,3.201 0.2,6.002 0.2,21.207l0,17.592ZM234.888,7.888c0,-0.8 0.2,-1.2 0.9,-1.4...


It contains a relative curveto, a closepath command, an absolute moveto command, followed by a relative curveto command, etc. Everything is relative as it should be (with Use relative coordinates ticked). Everything, that is, except the moveto, which is absolute.



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