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I'm new to affinity, trying it out to see if I like it. But I'm struggling here....


How do you delete or erase part of a line segment in a shape? I have two overlapping shapes, and I want to make them into one and delete the overlap. I rasterized the shape, but is there a way to un-rasterize it in its new form? Or is there a way to get a cleaner cut from a line segment with out it being pixelated in the first place? 



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Hi BieschkeTR12,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Two make two object into one, select both objects and press the Add button in the main toolbar or go to menu Layer ▸ Geometry ▸ Add.

If you press and hold alt while clicking on the Add button you get a compound object, that is youmake them into one but you can still both original objects individual clicking on the small arrow near the thumbnail of the compound object layer in the Layers Panel. 

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If you want to delete the part of the first object which is overlapped by the second one, choose Layer ▸ Geometry ▸ Subtract. If you only want to delete the overlapping part, leaving the remainder of the two objects in place, choose Layer ▸ Geometry ▸ Combine.

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