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One feature I use all the time in Adobe Illustrator is the hide function. I think being able to hide an object to access the objects below it would be a nice addition to a future update to Affinity Designer.

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You aren't the only one who is missing this functionality from Illustrator. I have been requesting this since Designer was first released (since November 2014), it is my "pet" request (my number 1 request). You can "hide" objects in Designer just like you can in Illustrator but, and it is a huge but, you have to dig through the layers panel or use the "find in layers panel" to do it. As it is now you can't show them quickly like using the "show all" command (or better yet the shortcut) in Illustrator. It doesn't seem like it would be all that important but once you start using the "Hide" and the "Show All" it can save so much time not to mention it saves you from lots of frustration! I hope that it is added sometime soon! 



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