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Splitting long URLs in Publisher

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I have a couple of long URLs that create very loose line spacing.  If I manually add a space (either in the Insert URL dialog or later directly on the page) so that the line breaks are better, the URLs no longer work.  How to handle this?

Note that MS Word has a good arrangement here: you enter the actual URL and then at the bottom of the dialog you enter the text to display in the document, which can be the URL plus spaces to help with line breaks.  That's what I'm used to but I can't find anything similar in Publisher.

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You can do this in Affinity:

  1. Paste in the URL as text.
  2. Select the URL and choose Insert Hyperlink - paste the actual URL into the field and click OK.
  3. Edit the URL in the text frame to whatever you want. It will not change the hyperlink when exported.

Note that long URLs split over multiple lines may not be interpreted correctly by your PDF viewer because some of them like Apple Preview try to find URLs in text.

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3 hours ago, DJP said:

Thank you, Mike.  If I choose Text/Interactive/Go to hyperlink target within Affinity, it works.  But I cannot get the split URL to work in any PDF viewer I have tried (three).  Any ideas?

Could you share a test document with this issue? Just create a single link in a blank document and upload the afpub.

I created a test doc (see below) with a link to this thread and it worked in Apple Preview and Google Chrome. The link crashed in Acrobat Reader which I believe is a known issue with Acrobat at the moment - I don't remember the details of that but I think that was already discussed.


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 See the attached. The afpub file shows how it looks if I copy the URL from the web page and paste it in as plain text. This works both inside Affinity and in an exported PDF. If I add a space before '1999' by editing the text directly in the text frame (as shown in the PDF), I get an error message when I attempt to visit the wURL sample 2.pdf eb page.

URL sample.afpub

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If I add a space before 1999 in your file and then export it, the resulting PDF works fine for me. Can you share the afpub file with the space before 1999 so I can compare it?

Also, I edited the hyperlink style so I could see what it was applied to and noticed that you'd typed a couple more characters in the hyperlink style (semicolon and space)


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