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force wordbreak (split for visibility)

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Hmmm, apologies on reviving this thread (link added by moderator) I am trying to break words in the middle so force them to be aligned with the text frame. 


When I choose the No Break option (bottom of Character panel as described above) it seems to move all my text on to the top in a single line. 

Screenshots attached. 

The effect I am trying to achieve is the third screenshot yellow album cover (which can also be found here) https://slack-wise.tumblr.com/post/744138651865382912/section-25-always-now

Any help greatly appreciated. 




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No Break and Justification cannot be used together - it will do exactly what you're seeing. You're asking Affinity not to break the text and keep it all on one line. Do not use No Break.

You want to tell Affinity to break between any pair of characters and not add a hyphen which is something word processors and page layout apps don't normally do. There is a way to do this but it takes a bit of work.

There are two ways to do this. First the hard way: add a Zero-Width Space (U+200B) between every character which will treat every character as its own word so Publisher will break anywhere. But adding that ZWS is tedious. I'm sure I could use grep find and replace to make this easy but that would require thinking harder, and I haven't had my second cup of tea.

The easy way is to change the Justification settings. First, replace all the spaces between words with a Third Space (Text > Insert > Spaces and Tabs > Third Space). You could also use a quarter space or an en (half) space if you want less or more space. You can insert one of these spaces, copy it to the clipboard, and then use Find and Replace to search for regular spaces. If you paste the clipboard into the Replace field then you can replace the regular spaces with third spaces. Then go to Paragraph > Justification and change the first row of options from 80/100/133 to 0/0/0.


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27 minutes ago, MikeTO said:

I'm sure I could use grep find and replace to make this easy but that would require thinking harder, and I haven't had my second cup of tea.

It should be something like:

  Find: (.)(.)
  Replace: $1<zws>$2 where <zws> is a Zero Width Space you've copied from somewhere and pasted into the Replace field

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비슷한 문제가 있다는 것은,
한글도 단어분리를 못해서 몫 MS워드를 사용하여 문서를 작성하고 있다는 것입니다.
이 문제는 언제 처리하시나요?

Figure 1=adobe InDesign
Figure 2=Affinity Publisher

InDesign looks good because it allows word separation, but Affinity Publisher does not allow word separation, so it cannot be used to create documents in Korean.




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