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Publisher / Designer 2.4.1 — Transparency Flattening / Rasterization BUG with Mesh Warp and Live Filter

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Upon PDF/X-4 export, everything is flattened / rasterized
when mesh warp and live filters are involved.

When I reduce the (usual) complexity of the following and attached document Mesh Warp Transparency Flattening issues.afdesign and separate out every single element manually – in most cases unnecessarily duplicating elements – before exporting, everything works well and text remains as vector,
— however, I need the complexity and the non-redundant simplicity it provides.

The attached PDF Mesh Warp Transparency Flattening issues PDF-X-4.pdfis the resulting export, with comment annotations of the desired outcome.


These are the export settings:


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  • Staff

Hi Viktor CR,

I believe this is being caused by you using unsupported layer blend modes in your file. If you select each layer via the layers panel and then set their blend mode to normal via the dropdown it should export correctly for you.


Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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Thank you, @Callum

Is there a place, where I can look up, which blend modes are supported and which can not yet be used?

I have used "Passthrough" on the Live Filter and "Multiply" on the Shadow Effects.
At least passthrough should work just like "Normal", right?

Knowing about the "Normal" setting is already very helpful. Thank you for this advice. :)
I'd love to find out more about this in order to be able to design safely, without running into issues like this, shortly before production.

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