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From my understanding, photo editing in Photo Personas is non-destructive. Please kindly advise whether the photo editing in Develop Personas is non-destructive or destructive?


After I finished the photo edit in Develop Personas and click the button "Develop", could i go back again and cancel what I have adjusted in Develop Personas.

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It really is too bad that developing in Photo is destructive. Photoshop, Photoline, and others offer non-destructive RAW processing.


An alternative workflow would be to use an external RAW developer (Lightroom, RawTherapee, etc.) which create sidecar files, and then place the result as a linked asset in Photoshop or Photoline. Then when the original file is edited, PH and PL can update the content of that external linked layer. But Affinity Photo does not support linked file layers either.


Which means no solution, other than re-doing the work again if changes are required in the RAW processing.

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