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  1. Same request. Any update news for the DAM. I am a Aperture user with more than 60,0000 photos and now planning to switch to use Photos or Lightroom as my DAM. I already purchased and used Affinity Photo as my photo editor. Affinity Photo is a great software and I want to know more detail of the Affinity DAM before I switch to Photos or Lightroom. If Affinity DAM is good, I definitely will use Affinity Photo + Affinity DAM.
  2. punpunworld

    Affinity Lightroom

    If the DAM like aperture, it will be perfect!!
  3. From my understanding, photo editing in Photo Personas is non-destructive. Please kindly advise whether the photo editing in Develop Personas is non-destructive or destructive? After I finished the photo edit in Develop Personas and click the button "Develop", could i go back again and cancel what I have adjusted in Develop Personas.