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Are there detailed description of all Blend modes?

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The help file says this;

Other available blend modes include Darken, Darker Color, Lighten, Lighter Color, Color Dodge1, Add, Soft Light, Hard Light, Vivid Light, Pin Light, Linear Light, Linear Burn, Hard Mix, Difference1, Exclusion1, Subtract, Hue2, Saturation2, Luminosity, Color2, Average1, Negation1, Reflect1, Glow1, Contrast Negate, Erase and Passthrough.


Helpfully, the common ones are described, but I wondered about the ones above.


  • Normal—The default blend mode. The top pixels display over underlying pixels according to the level of top layer opacity.
  • Multiply—The blending result is a combination of the top and bottom color at each pixel position, always producing a darker value.
  • Screen—The opposite of Multiply, where the blending result is a combination of the inverse of the top and bottom color at each pixel position, always producing a lighter value.
  • Overlay—Applies either Multiply or Screen blend mode, depending on the bottom color at each pixel position. If the bottom layer pixels are <50% gray, it multiplies; if >50% it screens.
  • Divide1—Lower layers are lightened based on luminance on the upper layer. White has no effect. Lightness is increased progressively by gray through to black.
  • Color Burn1—Darkens the bottom color pixels relative to the values of the top color pixels.



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