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Text doesn't re-flow when group size indirectly increased [AF-333]

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  • Text doesn't re-flow when group size indirectly increased [AF-333]

I think this is fixed for moving and adding objects within a group but not for deleting objects.

With the attached test document, select the left text frame in the inline group and delete it. The bounding box will not be recalculated.

bounding box.afpub

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One more variation with the same test document.

  1. Draw a shape somewhere else on the page and then cut it to the clipboard.
  2. Select the rectangle inside the inline group and choose Paste - the cut shape will be pasted into the group.
  3. Choose Undo. The group's bounding box will be recalculated but the text won't be reflowed.
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  • 5 months later...
On 10/30/2023 at 5:26 AM, Affinity Info Bot said:

An issue raised in this thread ("Text doesn't re-flow when group size indirectly increased [AF-333]") has now been reported to the developers by the testing team (Ref: AF-973). Thank you very much for reporting this issue to us.

This thread isn't tagged with AF-973 and I can't find any other threads with that tag. I'm flagging this only because I saw the issue again today and started to write another bug report but then had deja vu.

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@Sean P You're right, that is fixed, but there's another variation. Using the same document:

  1. Click the grey rectangle to see the bounding box of the inline group and then double-click it to select just the rectangle
  2. Switch to a shape tool and draw a shape outside of the group's bounding box
  3. Choose Undo - the bounding box won't revert to its original size

I have a lot of inline groups in my manual and often when I'm editing them I forget that drawing a new object will create it inside the inline group. I deliberately place an image or draw something in the margins of the page thinking that won't be part of the group. But this expands the group's bounding box and causes the text to reflow. There's a performance issue when you have lots of inline images so it takes 16 seconds for me to regain control which gives me plenty of time to bash my head against the wall for doing it again. Then I choose Undo, have to manually fix the bounding box, and wait another 16 seconds to be able to work again. It brings back memories of 1994. 🙂 

Seriously though, and I know I'll need to post this as a feature request elsewhere, but while I'm on this topic, I have made the mistake of creating a new layer inside an inline group hundreds of times with Publisher. I like that it adds new layers inside the group but I expect it to add to the group when I draw inside the bounding box and outside the group when I draw outside. While I'd like this for any group, it's especially true for inline groups. If I have an inline group the width of the frame, nobody would draw an object in the page margin and want it to be part of the group because the group will overset the frame and all following frames.

I'll go post that as a feature request.


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