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Modified resources don't respect previously set scaling option in frames

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When I modify a PDF that contains pages placed into frames in Affinity Publisher 2.2 Beta 2005, the scaling option for placed pages--in my case "scale to min fit"--is overridden for the placed pages.  All the placed pages happen to share a Master page, so right now my fix is to manually select of those pages and reapply the master, which forces the scaling option to kick back in.  It's not the end of the world, but I suspect this isn't intended behavior and it takes a few minutes each time.

Speaking of selecting pages.  Right now if I select all the pages in the "Pages" panel and manually go through deselecting the pages that DON'T share the Master mentioned above, I'm limited to doing so only for those pages that appear in the panel, because the scrolling snaps back to wherever my total selection ends each time I deselect a page.  I can work around this by working in batches, but it's still an extra pain that doesn't appear to serve any intended behavior.

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