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AD2.1.1: Export preset is not honored if pressing Enter


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Summary: In Export to SVG, if you use Enter to submit the form instead of using the mouse to click the button, the Preset settings are not used, and the Preset is cleared next time.

Application:  Affinity Designer 2.1.1

OS: MacOS 13.5

Reproducible: Yes.

Steps to reproduce:  

1. Create a new document, and in Document Setup, make it as shown (note the resolution is 300dpi).image.png.d2f4596d93dfe86182d630812e26976b.png

2. Go to File > Export.  Create a Preset for Export to SVG, named "Glowforge", as shown in the screenshot.  (Note particularly that "Use DPI: 96" is set, and the "Raster DPI" field is not set.)

3. Select the "Glowforge" preset.  Click the "Export" button with the mouse, and export the file.

4. Go again to File > Export.  Observe that the "Glowforge" preset is the default, because it was the most recently used.

5. Observe that the cursor is in the Raster DPI field, which is blank.  (I don't know whether this is important.)

6. Hit Enter (don't use the mouse to click Export) and export the file.

7. Result: for me, this results in a file exported at the wrong scale (300dpi instead of 96dpi).

8. Go again to File > Export.  Observe that the "Glowforge" preset is not the default.  (Normally the previously-used preset is the default.


I can see the result in the file's svg tag; the width and height are affected:

(A) Correct result, from step 3 (clicking "Export" with the mouse)

<svg width="8640px" height="8640px" ...>

(B) Incorrect result, from step 6 (hitting Enter)

<svg width="27000px" height="27000px" ... >


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