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Help: Something About Unclipping Pixel Layers Or Something

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I just want to make the white boundary on this design a bit thicker - expand it out a bit - but it looks like I've taken groups of pixels layers and rasterised then and so the program has clipped them so when I expand the area of the vector object out now the brush strokes that were previous laid down are not there - and so therefore I end up with this hard edge 🤦‍♂️

Does anyone know a way I can fix this that avoids me having to redo all the pigging brush strokes again?

EDIT: it's a V2 file

This File.afdesign

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Honest to god, how hard does expanding a frigging border out have to be?

I employed this roundabout way and now I've got a pixel thin line running round the middle of the border - I tried applying an eraser to the group of layer and touching it up which then left a mask layer and the jpg conversion came out rubbish! 🤮

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Anyone know how to get rid of these lines?

These vector objects are supposed to be TOUCHING - I duplicated and reflected so I could expand the border area out and I did it this way because the pixel brushes got clipped

What a nightmare - for all the difference it'll probably make?

Failing this I'll just frigging redo ALL the brush effects tomorrow again if the software isn't going to work with me!


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On 3/20/2023 at 2:02 PM, DWright said:

Do you have a copy of this document before the layers where rasterised.

On a DVD backup somewhere probably

I'm just going to roll with it - it shouldn't make a lot of difference anyway but I'm a perfectionist

Busy trying to wrap up some new designs for a print run - fun part is the next few days breaking my back cutting up A1 mount board 

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