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PDF exports and layer names?

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Hi all,

Maybe I'm overlooking something simple here, but when I export to PDF my layer names are not copied over.
I tried this in Illustrator, and it looks like it works there. or at least the Illustrator PDF honors the layer name.
Is this a Designer thing?

e.g. I have certain layers named to the appropriate PMS color, but in the PDF it's all called 'rectangle' for the colored placeholder in that layer.

I tried every preset in the export option, but no luck. Tried v1 and v2 of Designer to see if that would make a difference.



edit: Illustrator also keep my layer/sublayer order intact. Maybe this is something Adobe, but it's a bit annoying to see Affinity is throwing all in one 'pile'.

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The difference between versions 1 and 2 seems to be (at least) that version 2 apps now write PDF sub layers (which PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat and PDF X-Change can read). But all apps that I have tried and that read in PDF layers (= OCG, optional content groups), e.g. Xara, CorelDRAW and VectorStyler, only support root level layers so even if sub layers are read in, the hierarchy is not (and apps differ in whether objects are placed in root-level layers or if all objects are directly just placed in the root.

And the changed behavior does not change the situation where Illustrator (at least CS6) does not read in any OCG layers (even Adobe created), but only support native AI layers that Illustrator can save as part of PDF.

But Affinity apps do read in that layer hierarchy (even if not full document hierarchy, e.g. groups within layers). 

In this respect passing complex object hierarchy between different apps (via PDF) continues to be as difficult and restricted (proprietary) as always.

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26 minutes ago, N.P.M. said:

But still a feature that can be of use when placing documents in afpub pages/artboards😉

Yes, and the sub layers being shown in PDF readers may also be useful considering e.g. printing needs so the feature may be useful to work around the issue of some print shops wanting a PDF with native layers (to be opened in Illustrator for printing purposes). I am not sure if other graphic apps can do that (probably partly because hierarchy is typically flattened when opened).  

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