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Certain selections are ineligible for joining curves, though the curves can be joined otherwise

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I often run into the issue when I am drawing out curves and want to join a couple loose segments. What happens is that some selections are ineligible to join curves, whereas I can join the curves with other selections.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a rectangle and convert it to curves
  2. Switch to the node tool and split two nodes to create two curves
  3. Select one of the split nodes of the first curve and a path segment of the second
  4. Notice how the join curves button is greyed out
  5. Deselect all
  6. Re-select the both curves, this time only by segments
  7. Notice how you can now join the curves

Also notice that if I also select a node from the other curve, I can join both curves as well.

The latter obviously has to do with joining vertices, but it happens way too often for me that I cannot properly join my curves without changing the way I select them. (Below is the vertex joining).

See this simple case below, which usually happens when you decide to join two paths when working with the pen tool. I make sure the ends of the two meet, switch to the temporary node tool with Ctrl + Shift and select the other curve. I then switch to the node tool to join, but I am not able to (I don't have to switch to the node tool, but it makes it easier to compare to the other cases). I am also unable to join the curves from within the temporary node tool invocation.

This is in Designer 2.0.3, but I have been having this issue since I used the 1.9 version and thought it is about time to report it.



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Hi @Intuos5,

From what I understand and following your steps to reproduce, this looks like it's by design.

After selecting the nodes and splitting the curve in step three, If I then move the second segment away and then using the node tool and select both curves without selecting a node, Join curves will automatically join both curves together based on the nodes with the closest proximity.



If, I instead with both curve segments highlighted select an individual node, the join curves option is disabled, because I would then need to select a second node to that I want to join this node to, This could be on the same curve segment or one of the nodes on the second segment.



I hope this makes sense!


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Hi @NathanC

I can relate that this is by design (to join two vertices). But what particular case does the design satisfy that it does not allow to join curves when you have one curve and one node selected? There is no real risk of a user error, but it can be obtrusive in joining curves. Therefore, I very much think there should be a case (exception) to allow joining curves when you select a node and a path and the curves are open, but have overlapping enpoints.

Otherwise, I would like to hear a valid reson for disabling joining under such conditions.

Hope this makes sense.

Having done days of tracing and joining work, this was The major chore with regards to curve manipulation to me.

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