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Color and saturation shift with working plugins

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New Mac and Affinity user here. I've read and understand that only some PS plugins now function with AP. I've experienced this as well: some plugins open and function while others either crash the plugin or AP. I have noticed though that the plugins that do function (Nik Color Efex Pro for example), show a completely different look in their preview windows than that shown in AP. The plugin preview windows are far less saturated and may even shifted to green than the AP rendition. This makes ALL plugins useless as far as I can tell.


This, of course, does not occur when the plugin is launched from PS. Nor does it occur if I load the .tif (created from .nef solely in AP) with those plugins that are usable in stand-alone mode.


Is this a known issue, or have I a problem with installation, etc?





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I'm resurrecting this thread, because I'd like to solve this problem. I'm attaching two .jpgs exported from png screenshots showing the color difference between AP and Nik Color Efex 4 (one of the few plugins I have that will work at all. This is on a 2015 rMBP hooked to a NEC PA241 display. Working space is ProPhotoRGB.



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Take a look at a couple of other threads here on the forum that suggest that Affinity has a long-standing problem with dual-monitor color management.  You may be having issues with your external display and how the plug-in honors the second display profile versus how AP may (not) honor the second display profile.


For example:





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Hmmm. I'm not sure I am in the same situation. I'm running the rMBP closed in clamshell mode, so the NEC is the only active display. It IS the main monitor in this setup. Also, when viewing AP the image is correct. The plugins are wonky, and not just Nik. Thirdly, the NEC is hardware calibrated using Spectraview II. As far as the Mac's video LUT is concerned, it's linear (no correction). Everything is happening in the monitor's 3D LUT. When I get a chance, I'll view both on the retina display with the NEC detached. The retina is sRGB, not wide gamut. Anybody having problems just with Adobe RGB monitors, or the new DCI-P# Imacs?


Again, everything works as expected when these plugins are invoked from Photoshop. If Serif wants AP to be taken seriously, this has to be fixed ASAP.


Thanks for the info.



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Ihodaniel...It's been mentioned in other posts and threads but the "fix" for plugin support requires two components. First that Affinity is working to do what they can to improve plugin support and I believe they are. And second, that NIK OnOne, Topaz and the other plugin companies are interested in Affinity supporting they're products or, more exactly, are in support of Affinity supporting they're products. It has been implied that Affinity is in contact with many of these companies. But just how much help they are getting is not known. Serif cannot create plugin support just because they want to. The plugin makers have to want to be involved.

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Ihodaniel:     With a pair of MacBook Pro, 8,3 each, and a pair of NEC PA 272(1), I promise the 17 inch MacBook Pro displays can never ever give the correct image information!  The PA's are calibrated with the SpectroView II, like yours.  NIK software is not in my workflow.  Hardware is the i1Pro vD, spectrophotometer.


I would suggest color management in PA in poor or even non-existent.   This issue may or may not be part of your experience.


Previous post I have done my or may not help.


Posted Yesterday, 08:03 AM

Quoting from outside Serif, the colorsync-users@lists.apple.com.    As far as I know, anyone can go to his user@lists.apple.com.


"AP is a nice program for lots of reasons, but color management isn't one of them. Their implementation of colorsync is a kludge at best.

I've written to them extensively to point out a few of their shortcomings in that area, and I think they know it's bad but won't admit that it's broken until they have it fixed in a future release. At least that's my hope.

They're releasing a Windows version very soon, so that's a major revision and hopefully we'll see some improvements on both platforms. They have a help blog but not many people there deal with color management.

I stopped using AP because of their clumsy profiling, but I don't remember having the same issue you've got. Just make sure that when you open your file in PS that you assign the same working profile that was used in AP. It might not be embedding the correct one."


I, me, David, is not alone with this issue.  It's an AP issue not resolved.   Should I have known this information before purchase, I never would have put my money down. My error in not finding the clumsy profiling in the first place.   


The suggestions thoughtful folks have made are all in vain.  I was correct in my assessment early.   Color management is non existent.   Now I can't understand why I was led on an extremely wild goose chase by staff, members, videos, support and others.


I now assume you all knew color management did not exist.  Just tried to cover it up.  In my opinion making a baaffoon out of me!  Allan, why didn't you simply advise me there is not color management in place?


Yet the ads INFER color management IS in place.  Ad claims precise.


Again:  quote  "

Affinity Photo - Professional image editing software for Mac

Affinity Photo - the fastest, smoothest, most precise professional image editingsoftware, exclusively for Mac.:


Will, not yet, and will eventually get there.


Kind Regards,


David B. Miller, Pharm. D.


Posted 24 March 2016 - 10:31 AM

post-26329-0-57161600-1458840641_thumb.p post-26329-0-07618700-1458840655_thumb.p post-26329-0-24198800-1458840668_thumb.p


I did the exercise as suggested by csp.  


The results show what have been seeing ever since using AP.     


I simply dragged the image file to PS CS5, as well as to AP beta, and this is what has been my issue.  I would expect an image file to look the same in either application.


As simple as it can get, when the exact image file is opened in both applications, that one image file does not look the same.


I have not manipulated the image file in any way.  


My thinking is the image file is to look the same in either LR, PS, and AP.   In AP I simply dragged the file to the icon.  Nothing more.  And that is what I view.  Since I did not do any adjustments in AP, I cannot understand why the image file is different.  There is no soft proofing in AP in these examples.


I thank everyone in advance for assisting me.


Kind Regards,



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David, thanks for the info. I have the i1Pro D as well but I'm using a Display Pro for the monitor. I'll digest the info you provided. Right now, my brain is in idle mode and doesn't want to come out.  :)


This has been awhile, but if memory serves I exported the file as a tiff in AP and viewed that in both PSCC15 and AP. They did match. The only difference I'm seeing is that if the file is in ProPhoto, the plugin previews are wrong if the the plugin is called from AP, and correct if called from PS or used standalone.


Again, thaks for your reply!



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