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Export Persona slices not aligned properly.

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I can't find this was discussed earlier but I just noticed that my exports of few projects using export persona didn't export correctly. It created thin outline/line around the image which created problems when I wanted to tile the designs.

After looking deeper into it, apparently the problem was with Designer's Export Persona. The slice box did not align perfectly to artboard dimensions.  As you can see in the attached video.

So far the solution I found is to create artboards perfectly aligned one to another with 1 point increment to separated them.
So I aligned the artboards to snap and then manually using keyboard to separated them away. Otherwise if I just move the artboard manually where ever I want using the mous, it creates the gap in slices as seen in the video and exports images with unwanted lines.

I hope this can be fixed so we can use & arrange artboards freely and know that the exports will be correct.


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To export clean bitmap objects without antialiasing artefacts or those extra 1px outlines, everything must be aligned to the document pixel grid and everything must be integer pixel values.
The document pixel grid begins at the left-most page/canvas/artboard's top left corner (or base box if it's a non-rectangular artboard), and is absolute, no matter what each other page/artboard rulers tell you (they lie!). So if you want integer pixel position in all artboards, the artboards themselves must be aligned to the absolute pixel grid as well
The Transform panel may also lie to you unless you set Preferences > User Interface > Decimal Places > Pixel to "6": Even with 1 decimal place set, if the actual value is e.g. 0.049 px, it will round down the display (but not the position!) to "0".
Last but not least, whenever you intend to export to bitmap formats where antialiasing matters, always work in the View > View Mode > Pixels mode. Because the Vector mode will lie to you as well.

That all is not necessarily a "bug", it's essentially "programmed by design". In other words, the concept of how Affinity alignes objects to integer pixels is flawed in the sense that it's not instantly obvious, and that the corresponding workflows are not intuitive. I.e. if you're not aware of it, you can only find out by trial and error because it's not properly documented or explained.

You may want to check out other detailed posts on this topic:
forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q=pixel aligned

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