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Publisher 2 picture frame weird behavior

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Whenever I drag a layer onto a picture frame from the layer panel, the highlight just flickers and the dragged layer just jumps in and out of the frame. When I move my cursor to the left or right a little bit, the highlight even flicks faster. So I only have 50% chance to successfully put a layer inside the frame.



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System: Windows 11 Home 22H2 build 22623.891, Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22637.1000.0
The problem happens regardless of HW  acceleration setting, documents new or old.
It's my first time I use Publisher, so I can't tell what it was like in the past build (V1).

P.S. It's interesting that when I see the object was in the frame, when I release my mouse, it actually was outside the frame, and vice versa.

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Hi @KarlLegion,

Thanks for your report and our sincerest apologies for the delayed response here. We are exceptionally busy following the release of V2 and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding here.

I can confirm I'm able to replicate this behaviour here and I have logged it with our developers to be fixed ASAP. I hope this helps :)

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Hi @Dan C,

Thanks for reaching out.
Talking about the picture frame, would you please implement a hotkey function which can quickly put an object into a picture frame or clip it onto a layer within the canvas instead of through the layer panel? (i.e. holding modifier key(s)(or right mouse button) + drag an object onto another object on the canvas) Because I remember when I used CorelDraw a decade age, they can let me drag an object into a picture while holding the Alt key. Which is intuitive and quick. Please consider my suggestion.
I know it should be in the "Suggestion" instead of Bug Reporting. I can start a new post if needed.

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No problem at all, I can certainly understand how such a shortcut could be useful - if you could please create a new suggestion thread for this, it would certainly be appreciated :)

If you have an Image that you wish to add to a Picture Frame you can right-click on the object and select 'Convert to Picture Frame' - however I do understand this isn't quite the same as having a predetermined picture frame size to add your image into and does not work for Vector Objects such as Rectangles, so the suggestion is a good idea in my opinion!

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