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Corner Tool not working properly in AD2

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I have instantly upgraded from AD1 to AD2 but was disenchanted to see that many of my corners in an existing document are now “broken”, meaning the corner tool allowed larger radii in AD1 than it does in AD2.

Attached is a screenshot from my document in AD1 and AD2 as well as an (AD1) file containing the sample path. In AD1 the maximum radius is 1991.1px while in AD2 it only is 411.1px.

For what it's worth, I'll stay with AD1 when editing documents that heavily rely on the corner tool, but I hope this issue will be resolved in upcoming AD2 updates, as I'd rather not have to use both versions concurrently.


P.S. I have this issue on Windows as well as macOS.

Corner tool radius.jpg

corner tool radius.afdesign

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There does seem to be a difference of some sort, but I'm having a hard time pin pointing what it is!

In Affinity 2 I can get a maximum radius of 1911.1px but it seems to require that I have more space to carry out the operation.

See attached file...

I suspect the behaviour in V2 may be more accurate, and that the read out in V1 was meaningless.

That said, I've not tested your file, the download is rather large (129MB) to test out a single line!

Affinity Max Corner Radius.afdesign

Win10 Home x64   |   AMD Ryzen 7 2700X @ 3.7GHz   |   48 GB RAM   |   1TB SSD   |   nVidia GTX 1660   |   Wacom Intuos Pro

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I have the same bug as mentioned in the first post, with the Corner Tool of Affinity Designer 2 having a max-radius value far below that of Affinity Designer 1.

I have made a screencast on how to reproduce the bug. You can find attached the file created in the video. You can simply download it, open it with Affinity Designer 2, copy it, paste it in Affinity Designer 1, and notice that the corners’ radius can go much further in Affinity Designer 1.

This is a currently blocking issue for switching to Affinity Designer 2 for me.

Hope this helps,


Affinity Designer 2 Corner Tool bug.afdesign

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