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I made a Photobook.

Sometimes i transformed JPEGs, edited them and decided afterwards to transform them again.

In those cases I had a loss in Image quality.

What would be the easiest option to raster an image in its original size.


(Technical explanation: In affinity there is a difference between image and pixel layers. The image needs to be (automatically) converted into a pixel layer to edit (retouch) it. The resulting pixel layers amount of pixel is defined by the pixel size on the document)


Of course I could raster images before the initial transformation (every time i add one of a hundred pictures)

But this would dramatically increase the size of the afphoto file - so this is not an option for me.


What methods are coming to your mind?

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The issue is perfectly described in the Link from MBd above.

I import a (compressed) jpeg into affinity
I make it visually smaller
I rasterize it (by retouching it)
I decide to make it (significantly) bigger.


I understand well, why this happens, but I'm looking for a workaround.


If I bring in an image it´s automatically scaled to fit the document DPI. When I then rasterize it I have no quality loss.


But when I (accidentally) resize it and later on want to apply a raster based effect (inpainting) I loose quality through rasterization and I can´t seem to have an option to resize it to it´s native resolution again (to do an optimal rasterization).


Could you add an option under the "rasterize" entry that is like "resize to match document DPI", or maybe even better: give an option to "rasterize to native resolution" which rasters to the resolution of the image instead of the resolution of the current document?


Thanks for your consideration

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I mean my suggestion is not a workaround for your case.


You've already rasterised it at the smaller resolution and then there's nothing left to do.


But if you could chose to (always) rasterise images to their native resolution then it would be a workaround IMO so that's what I'd suggest to implement.



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