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Designer: Workflow for upsampling pictures and change color format?

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Simple workflow but I don't find the way....
I want to produce an advertising banner with AF Designer.  5000 x 1000 mm. Set up the page. Fine so far.
With "Stock" I find a pic at Pixabay and drag it directly on my document. Fine.
Now I want to do two things:
1. Enlarge the imported picture (with original 300 dpi) up to 300 % (with then 100 dpi). Now I want to upsample it using Lanczos Algorithm to the needed 300 dpi.
2. Change the color format of the picture from RGB to CMYK before (!) exporting to PDF because I want change some tonal values.

Up till now I worked in CorelDraw. There it was 1 just Click to get to the upsampling dialog where you choose the wanted dpi and the algorithm. Done. And the second click changed the color format to CMYK. Next click opens up the color correction dialog for tone values etc. Done.

Three clicks for the above mentioned workflow... how to do it as fast in AF Designer?
Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

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I believe Affinity Photo would be better for this as it has options to resize the Document/image having the option to change the DPI and resampling method at the same time. You also have options of changing the colour format and ICC profile, but it wouldn't be less than 3 clicks.

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I don't know what you are doing...but if I make an banner, where later people stand directly (!) in Front of it, I choose the highest resolution that the Plotter/LFP can handle.
40 dpi? That I would only choose if I know, that the viewing distance is at least 30 meters.... ;-)

And why is it of interest, how large the original image is? Okay - it doesn't make sense to upsample an 400 x 300 px image to 12.000 x 9.000 px... but from 4.000 x 3.000 px to 12.000 x 9.000 px you can get acceptable to good results for printing.

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On 11/10/2022 at 1:18 PM, RPS said:

 needed 300 dpi

59.055 × 11.811 = 697.498.605 Pixel – great.

33 minutes ago, RPS said:

but from 4.000 x 3.000 px to 12.000 x 9.000 px you can get acceptable to good results for printing.

All right, then.

This article has been written with the kind assistance of DeepL.

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