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Dialogue scrambled after updating 1.10 Photo

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I gave Affity Photo a try,  with a few stability problems on my MacBook Pro,

but now I encounter a problem after updating from Photo v.1.10 to next, which one I do not recall, after being prompted. ( not v.2 ).

The clicking on any menu items, the screen flickers and gets scrambled, as you can see in the photos attached.

I downloaded a fresh app from my account on Affinity same v., with the same results.

Trying to take a screen shot crashes the computer.

MacBook Pro, Mojave.

Help appreciated, thank you.




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I must admit the only other time I've seen a display look like that is when the screen has malfunctioned. We haven't released any updates to Affinity Photo 1.10 for some time, so which version did you update from?

You can try resetting the app, hold down the CTRL key and open the app. When the window appears, release the key and click Clear. If you can open the apps Preferences > Performance you can try turning off Metal Compute and restarting. Apart from that a full uninstall and download from your account as this should be a fresh install.

What does the display look like in macOS, other apps?

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On 11/9/2022 at 7:37 PM, apertedevue said:

MacBook Pro

20 minutes ago, Lee D said:

I must admit the only other time I've seen a display look like that is when the screen has malfunctioned.

I also have such a MacBook Pro (mine is mid-2012, also with matte display, yay!) and never experienced anything like this in the past 10 years.

What I'd do first is to reboot the Mac while holding the Shift key. That's called a "Safe Mode", and it will check the disc directory for corruption, clear system caches and bypass all third party extentions or drivers. Note that everything will run pretty slow. Then simply reboot again regularly. 


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Thank you for the suggestions.

I upgraded from 1.10.5. Before the upgrade, all worked smoothly.

I did a fresh install with the same result.

The only time I experienced this problem it was after upgrading Photo, only on my mid-2012 BacBook Pro,( yes, loukash ! ), not with any other apps, not on the other machines I have Photo installed. Yes, it looks like a screen malfunction, but only for Photo?

I will go through the steps suggested, and report back.




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46 minutes ago, apertedevue said:

my mid-2012 BacBook Pro

Amazing machine, isn't it? :) A few years ago I have upgraded mine with a 2TB SSD, and since then it just silently flies.
I'm not looking forward to the day I will have to replace it.

49 minutes ago, apertedevue said:

it looks like a screen malfunction, but only for Photo?

I vaguely recall reading reports about some Mojave problems with certain apps after it has received the last security update from Apple some time ago. I have a bootable Mojave partition but I rarely use it, so I haven't noticed anything like this. (For Affinity 2, I'm currently using a Catalina partition, obviously…)

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