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1 hour ago, thomaso said:

Leaf blower

Should you ever come near our apartment building with such a phallus substitute, I will be throwing bricks at you out of the window!
Just ask the folks who are paid to sweep our backyard. They hate me because now they have to use rakes. :P 

1 hour ago, thomaso said:

The simplest might be via Terminal.app

Allllrrright, but… uh, people who need to be instructed how to apply basic first aid to their Macs shouldn't even know about the Terminal yet, and the potential disaster they may experience if they accidentally type "rm" somewhere and press Enter…

That's why GUI tools like Onyx exist.

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Also tools like Onyx "just" execute macOS (terminal) commands, "just" triggered more easily via their GUI. They do not fully protect against adverse use, may rather invite by attracting with buttons. And, depending on the download source, they were reported to contain malware (... unlike terminal commands).



  • Since OnyX provides access to a lot of low-level functions, it is expected the users must be above-average when it comes to the macOS knowledge.
  • It is possible to mess up the system completely, so taking backups before making any changes is highly suggested.
  • The app contains a set of scripts and tasks which were needed in older versions of Macs. Many of them became obsolete in newer macOS versions.

From that perspective it may be less risky or harmful to use the macOS feature of Safe Boot Mode and live with various refreshed caches and a possible speed reduction for a moment (milliseconds … seconds … minutes?).

macOS 10.14.6, MacBookPro Retina 15" + Eizo 27"

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