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Affinity suites don't work with windows11 ACM(Automatic color management)


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I've been testing an experimental feature called ACM (Automatic color management). It's meant to be the solution for the long-standing windows color management mess.

See this article Advancing the State of Color Management in Windows - DirectX Developer Blog (microsoft.com) 


Long story short, when ACM enabled every app that doesn't acquire the new standard will be considered unmanaged and who's content being restricted inside srgb. And Microsoft offered a way to save the compatibility for some old self-color-managed apps:


The display ICC compatibility helper is enabled on a per-app basis. It isn't enabled by default.

Users can enable it for an app by going to the Compatibility tab of the executable's properties, and selecting Use legacy display ICC color management. The compatibility helper is applied to the entire process, and is active only when Advanced Color is enabled for the display—it has no effect on a standard SDR display.

UI to enable display ICC compatibility helper for an executable

Windows automatically enables the helper for some popular apps that are known to use ICC color profile management.

There's no programmatic way to enable that compatibility helper for your app.


However, this compatibility option doesn't work for affinity suite installed via mircosoft store (I'm not sure if it works with self-installed version), which means that Affinity apps' displaying content will be restricted inside Srgb.


Then I did some test, Adobe 2021 apps works flawlessly; GIMP, both store version and installer version works.


I don't expect a fix for this issue on the existing 1.x affinity apps cause it is a windows previewing feature. But I do want to inform you that this could be fixed when your long developing 2.0 update launches.

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20 hours ago, DWright said:

I will pass this along to our devs 

I got this to work on my multiple monitors with different colour profiles after I added the developer registry key.

I'm not sure if it's only the microsoft store version. I've only got access to the store version.


I've attached the test image file from "Examples of various wide-gamut images (webkit.org)"

It is a display-p3 tagged image and when viewing via proper CM, you should see a webkit logo.

Now I could only see this:



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On 11/4/2022 at 7:15 PM, DWright said:

I will pass this along to our devs 

I got this to work on my multiple monitors with different colour profiles after I added the developer registry key.

Bought your V2 series, and tried the experiment again. This BUG still exists! Please fix it ASAP😩

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