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I really like affinity photo, I find it easier to us then photoshop but there are a few things I can'tseem to figure out. I am learning different techniques for editing black and white photos. It seems via youtube that in photoshop multiple gradients can be added to one mask. If I try to us the gradient tool on a mask on a selection that I have made in affinity I can only us 1 gradient. So if I wanted to have a gradient masking out an adjustment at the bottom and at the top I can't seem to do this, it just resets to the gradient that I just put down and I lose the previous one. If this makes sense to anyone, is there a way to add multiple gradients to 1 mask?



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i have successfully combined two masks for the same layer.

you could try these steps:


1) select the layer you want to mask

2) add a mask

3) apply a gradient to the mask

4) select the layer again

5) add another mask

6) apply to this new mask the reverse gradient


the two gradient should work together.


i also tried this workaround:


1) create a pixel layer

2) fill it with a gradient

3) create a new pixel layer

4) fill it with the reverse gradient

5) change the blend mode of the second layer to darken

6) menu: layer -> merge down

7) menu: layer -> rasterise to mask


you obtain a layer that can be used as a mask, and it contains the combination of the two gradients

take care,


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i just discovered that AP and AD allow to create complex gradients by adding stop points - select the gradient tool, select the gradient type, click on the gradient icon and than click on the insert / copy / delete buttons to add and remove stop points. for each stop, you can set colour, relative position and ramps. 

the multiple masks method i suggested still works and can be a way to achieve even more complex goals, but working with stop points greatly simplifies tasks like creating gradients that have a reversing or waving shade, even multiple.


take a look at this tutorial - it's about designer, but photo works the same under this aspect.



take care,


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