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PSD Add Blend Mode inconsistent

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Hey everyone!

Not sure this is a Procreate issue or Affinity, but:
Using the Add blend mode yields different .psd results in Procreate compared to Affinity. I am getting much brighter areas in Procreate.

It's fairly easy to reproduce. Here are the steps:
1. Open Procreate
2. Create new RGB canvas.
3. Select a middle grey color.
4. Create shape outline in Procreate, fill it.
5. Create new layer, clip it to the one below.
6. Set second layer's blend mode to "Add", at 20% opacity.
7. Select a brighter grey color.
8. Paint on second layer.
9. Smudge the brighter grey on the second layer (, clipped Add 20%).
10. Close file.
11. Export to .psd, destination: Files.app.
12. Open Affinity Photo.
13. Open previously exported .psd.
14. The shades on the second layer (20% Add) should show less bright compared to Procreates').

Reimporting the .psd to Procreate keeps the bright colors. The import of 20% to Affinity works. I guess the blend mode calculation is different.

I am using Procreate 5.2.6, Photo 1.10.5. I'd expect this happens with Designer and Publisher and on desktop as well (not tested, though).

For reference, post on Procreate Folio: https://folio.procreate.art/discussions/4/10/53904

Best wishes,

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  • Staff

Hi shushustorm,

Unfortunately the answer you receive here is going to be very similar to Procreates I'm afraid.  As far as I'm aware there isn't really a standard for this sort of thing.


Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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Hey @Callum

Thanks for your reply!

I'd say including IO for .psd is already trying to adhere to a standard; being able to handle broadly used file types is there to ensure compatibility. A user expects to be able to go back and forth between softwares that support the same file type and keep their data when doing so. But that isn't the case. I am getting different results. [...(1)] It'd be highly appreciated if this worked as expected. There are many users who use Procreate and Affinity software in combination and .psd is the link between them. Granted, not everyone needs all the layer blend modes, but I'd say it's a matter of professional software to make things work.


[Can't strike through, so I move it; this is (probably) not the case, since Files.app (probably) just uses the thumbnail cache directly.]

In fact, I am getting the same results in Files.app's preview that I am getting in Procreate. So both Procreate's as well as iOS's .psd renderer give the same output for the same values. So unless iOS checks for source, gets "Procreate" and renders accordingly, I guess Affinity is the odd one. ]

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